Do you believe in destiny?

August 19th 2017  |   in Life   |   7 min. read

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The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have seen so many movies and cartoons with characters who lived average lives until out of the sudden some ancient guru or messenger appeared and revealed a prophecy in which they would be heroes and save the world of some chaos. In other words, their destiny was to be grater than average. So many ideas and fictions about destiny made me wonder… is destiny a fact or a fiction?

Some say that there is no such thing as destiny; that we are creators of our own destiny - free will. I am also a big believer of free will, but there are so many things happening in my life and maybe yours that seem to… perfectly set up, planned. Many of us call this coincidence, conspiracy even, but I somehow feel it’s more than that.

Before I wrote this article, I was speaking with my mother on the phone - we live in separate cities. At the end of our conversation, she begun te tell the story of my birth. She told my the story for several times, but now she told me more things. I had a difficult birth, because I cam out with my butt instead of my head. She told me the doctor had to cut her alive, when I came out the doctor broke my left shoulder, because he pulled me hard, I was half filled with bruises, including my face, and I wasn’t breathing… for two minutes.

Did you know that the brain can’t survive without oxygen for more than 6 minutes? My mother also told me this. I didn’t know it.

She also told me I was the only boy there and I used to cry only when all the girls around stopped crying - funny thing.

What I was most surprised to find out was the reason for my name. I don’t know what got in to me, but I asked her why she and my father gave me these specific names. I never asked them this. My mother wanted my name to be Răzvan and my father wanted my name to be Andrei (from Saint Andrew). I asked her why Răzvan? She told me she didn’t really know why; she just liked how the name sounded.

For her, Răzvan sounded like a worrior - „războinic” in romanian. It sounded like someone who can cross mountains, someone strong, who can carry a lot - unbeaten. She never thought about another name. She told me maybe God wanted her to give me this name.

I always had the feeling I was meant for great things, because of my history.

I was overweight so that I would want to lose weight and study fitness.

My parents divorced and I had a rough childhood so that I could prematurely become more disciplined and capable of taking care of myself - take life in my own hands.

My father remarried and we moved into a village where I was isolated and lived more in nature. During this period I had more time to spend with myself and know me more. I rediscovered my inner voice and what I want of my life.

My high school desk colleague “dragged me” with him to study computer science and at the company I am currently working at, so that I could learn software development and discover a big passion for web development.

In 2012 I had a panic attack so that I would appreciate life and health more. During this period I also lost my faith in God, but this event made me pray to Him for my life.

I have back problems, so that I could research and discover the importance of the spinal chord and consequences of bad posture and prolong sitting.

And so many other “minor” events have been occurring as coincidences, but tell I can no longer believe these are all coincidences. There were so many times I almost died out of my rush, stupidity, and lack of attention: hit by a car, fall in the shower, more panic attacks, etc. I somehow stood - been kept - alive.

I have discovered so many remarkable people, researches, studies, writings about health, fitness, philosophy, science, spirituality, ancient history, astronomy, astrology, and the connection between everything. Everything is so connected and I know now that the Universe.

So, the question remains: is our life written ever since we are born or are we writing our life by our decisions?

What if they’re both true? Here is the thing: I believe in reincarnation. I believe we are meant to overcome our sins from our previous life. This is the reason why some people are born with genetic disease, in poor conditions - in hell.

We are harvesting what we have planted in our previous life.

If we were evil in our previous life, we went to hell, whereas if we were good in our previous life, we went to heaven. Our way of living decides whether we go to hell or heaven.

Life and destiny are like traveling to a destination; life is the journey and destiny is the endpoint. We cannot change the endpoint, but we change the way we reach it.

Thus, we are creators of our path - life - towards our destiny. Life is not a destination, it is a journey. Living is a continuous experience - dynamic - whereas death is stopping - static.

We are meant to forgive ourselves and overcome our sins, but we decide how we do it and if we do it. If we don’t, we will inherit them in our next life.

I believe we are all meant for marvelous things, because we all have the same Father. The problem is some of us are not aware of it, others need a “louder” wake up call. I was one of the lucky ones, but some people had to pay with their health to refocus towards their path. I am asking you, now: what tragedy do you need to get you on the path?

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