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August 24th 2017  |   in Life   |   8 min. read

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If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.

Malcolm X

I know you’re afraid. I know your pain. I know your sadness. I know your disappointment. I know your anger. I have them too. You have an idea or more ideas, but don’t have the courage to pursue them. You probably told your friends what you want to do or your ideas and they laughed at you. So what?

Don’t ever let yourself discouraged by people around. People who laugh at you are people who are afraid of you, people who envy you. They are frustrated that you are creative, enlightened, ambitious, hard-working, whereas they are not. They are frustrated with themselves and try to pull you down. Every successful person has critics. It’s part of the process. They give you energy. When a person is rude or is criticizing you, that person is giving you attention and energy. When a person is indifferent that person doesn’t care about you, but as long as she criticizes you, that means you are important for her. So, be proud of your critics.

The children who laughed at me when I was fat and the people who discourage me now on my way of living are those who make me hungry. They stimulate me on working harder. I know what I am doing it’s right and I know that my daily results frustrate people. You know why? Because a few can be as disciplined as I am. A few can do what I can do. Those who laugh at me and point their finger at me and criticize me are those who are frustrated on themselves, because I am able to do what they never could.

This is true with all successful people. They all have been criticized, laguhed at, beaten, disapproved, rejected by the society, friends, family. And you know what? In the end, they are the ones who laughed. When you prove, not the critics, but yourself that you are not what they say about you, the pleasure is unimaginable. Believe me, I cried, I was angry like I would have killed some one, but that negativity hurt me. Negative energy, no matter the cause allways affect the person who triggers it. Thus, if you feel like crying, cry! If you feel like giving a punch or screaming, do it - but not with people. Use that anger and sadness in your advantage. I actually wrote this article, because I was criticized and it helped me release my anger. Better yet, it helped gie birth to something better. I used my anger to create an article to help other people in the same situation.

I pushed away all my fake friends for my dream to happen. I want to be healthy, I want to inspire, I want to evolve. Anyone standing in my way has to go. Our mind, body, and spirit are most important and should never be polluted by average, negative, incapable, frustrated, sick people, regardless of who they are. Thus, put yourself first, love yourself, and trust yourself. Remember, you are not alone. You have the power of God and Universe within you. The more time you spend with yourself, the more you will be able to access the inner power and wisdom. The more the voice within will be less silenced by the people who speak around.

It’s frightening to live alone. It’s frightening to don’t give a damn about what your “close” ones say, because that is how we have accustomed. If we reveal our uniqueness, they say we are weird and strange. YES! WE ARE! I know I am the weirdest among my acquaintances. You are too if you are different and laughed at. Trust me, it’s a good thing.

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.

Thich Nhat Hanh

What would you chose to be: one of the million or one in a million. Believe me? Being normal, means being average, means being sick and unfulfilled. In this world there are two kinds of people: players and supporters/critics. Who do you whant to be? Whatch others playing, living their dream, following their hearts, pursuing their passions and ideas, or a supporter/critic of them? It’s hard pushing away all energy draining people, but it’s worth it. Hanging around in bars, clubs, and wasting time all day chit chat-ing is counter-productive. Yes, you should relax and spend time with leisure activities, but day and night with gangs. I realized that when I was hanging out with my so called friends I was not doing what I loved doing, but rather what we all liked doing. I was making a commitment. For instance, going out to a club where the majority desired and at an hour the majority wanted and with people the majority approved. When you are with your friends, you are not yourself; you are who your freinds want you to be. You are playing a role in order to be accepted and liked. You are anyone but your true self. You are dishonest with yourself and that’s a sin.

Jesus was laguhed at, beaten, spitted, persecuted, crucified, and he still forgive the people. Can we do the same? Can we instead of cursing or beating a critic, thank him, smile in his face, and forgive him - love him? Jesus als healed the ear of one of the roman soldiers who was sent to arrest him after Peter cut his year. Could anyone on Earth do the same? Substitute hate - fear - with kindness - love?

Make a habit of two things: to help; or at least to do no harm.


At the end of this writing I actually felt like speaking with those who made me angry and sad, because I have become aware of my anger and embraced it. I invite you to try to do the same.

Whenever someone tries to make you feel bad, either purposely or not, try to ignore them. Try to be aware of their inner pain, dissapointment, and envy. Also, try to be aware that any sort of negative emotion affects affects you and your health. When you send negative emotions towards someone they always come back amplified, like a boomerang or like throwing a ball towards the wall. Use it or lose it.

When your angry or sad get involved in productive activities, thus, use it in your advantage. Use it to uplift you.

Try, also, not to tell people around your visions and plans. Nobody can believe and see what you believe and see. Show them the results. Let your success speak fo your and make them swallow their frustrated words. The satisfaction is beyond imagination.

And finally, trust yourself and love yourself no matter what.

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