Why wrinckles and gray hair are not a sign of aging

October 14th 2017  |   in Health and fitness   |   4 min. read

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Wrinckles & gray hair == Unhealthiness != Aging

I have been frustrated for many years when people kept blaming their unwell-being on their age or my well-being on my youth. For instance, I have a high metabolism and good thermogenesis all year long, including winter. Thus, I am not cold like my acquaintances. Still, they are young as me, or even younger.

I also keep hearing people saying disease as something natural, something inevitable.

If diseases were natural, why do only (modern) humans get sick?

If you go to isolated places on Earth, to the tribes, where they still practice the ancient knowledge, traditions, and lifestyle, we don’t see disease, we don’t see malformations, we don’t see low energy, we don’t se premature deaths; we see vitality, we see proportional body frames and features, we see energy, and well-beaing. These are all definitions of children, don’t you think?

According to Weston Price and other brilliant researchers, our way of aging and disease is a result of our unhealthy adn disconnected lifestyles, especially our unnatural eating habits. Also, sedentarism, indoor leaving, polluted water, polluted air, and restlessness have a major contribution.

When we are young, our body is toxin-free and fresh. It has the ability and energy to get rid of all the s**t parents give their children to eat. As you age, that energy and performance weakens and you begin to fill the toxin accumulation. As a result, you begin to find someone or something to blame: bad luck, exterior dark forces or beings (virus, bacteria, fungi, etc.), God, the government, radiation, genetics and anything els but yourself.

Then you begin to pray to God: “Oh dear Lord, please give me health!”. Such foolishness…. Health is no something you receive, health is something you build by yourself. Your body and your health are like your home and cleanness: the more you clean your home and preserve the cleanness the more beatiful and clean the home will be.

Yes of course, genetics to play a role, but as epigenetic now reveal, our genes are a programable software. They are not like read-only memory (ROM), but a rewritable memory. Our genes change as our lifestyle changes. Thus, if you are sick is your fault, because of your unhealthy lifestyle.

Animals and tribes live on the same planet, so they are exposed to climate changes, radiation, pollution, and viruses the same way we are. Still, they don’t have diabetes mellitus, obesity, cancer, high blood cholesterol, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, alzheimer’s disease, or any other autoimmune disease currently world wide. The only exception are pets that live the same sickening lifestyle as their fellow humans. And still, they don’t have wrinckles or gray hair.

If you’re sick it’s not because of age, or because your friend sent you a virus, or because of bad luck or becuase of any external factor you may think of. You’re sick because of your unhealthy way of being since you were a child.

So what are you going to do? Wait for a miracle medicine to appear or put your life on medical practitioners (pharmaceutical sellers) to make you well? Or, as William Wolcott says in his book The Metabolic Typing Diet focus on building health, not curing disease.

When a room is dark you don’t look how to get rid of the darkness, but how to bring in the light

The best thing you can do is discover you unique body’s needs and fulfill them everyday for the rest of your life. Our body is focused on healing and growing. The problem is, we constantly interfere with it’s goal.

If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.


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