Your life, your rules

October 28th 2017  |   in Life   |   4 min. read

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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I…I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

Someone asked me today (Saturday) if I am free from work. I answered I am free 24/7 because I only have to take care of myself. Going to work doesn’t mean I am not free. I go to work to provide me money to take care of my health, hence, I am always free. The person replied, yes, but when you will get married and have kids you won’t be free anymore. That moment I felt a huge shot through my heart.

I don’t have to get married! I don’t have to have kids! It’s my life and I do whatever I want! Now, don’t get me wrong. I would love to have a woman in my life and I would love to have a family. Thr truth is, I am aware that it wouldn’t make me happier at the moment! Seeing the majority of girls nowadays, I know within myself that it would keep me back on my path to self-discovery and self-development. Also, a family takes a big responsibility full-time and money. You can’t take care of yourself, go to a full-time job, and take care of a family. And I will never sacrifice the time required to take care of myself for anything in the world. My health and happiness come first.

I am just tired of people telling me and other people what to do.

You need a phone; everybody has a phone. You need a car, everybody needs a car. You need to put your hat on; everybody has their hats on. You need to go to college; everybody needs to go to college. You need to eat this and that because that’s what medics say. You need to take this pill because that’s what medics say. You need to buy this and that because that’s what the media tells you.

No, I don’t! This is my life and I have to do whatever I want and whatever makes me happy.
My happiness is different than your happiness. My needs are different than your needs. My perception about life is different than your perception about life. We are different! I and you are not the same! No two people on earth are the same. So why should we all live the same way? This is global mass manipulation. We all should be the same! No! We don’t!

We are all unique and we have a gift. Our purpose is to discover our gift and use it for the good of life. Only then we will be truly happy.

The majority of people get married prematurely and end up frustrated with themselves and put the blame on their family for their fulfillment. My grandmother, my father, my aunt’s husband are great examples.

When you’re unfulfilled and sick, you always look for someone to blame for your unfulfillment and unhappiness. You blame your parents, your children, your life partner, your boss, your colleagues, your neighbor, your brother or sister, your country.

It’s nobody’s fault you are unhappy. It’s your fault. You are the one who followed the lead and were too afraid to follow your heart.

Your heart, your gut feeling, is your compass. It always knows what you want, what makes you happy. The problem is your brain always interferes and tries to analyze everything and keeps you from following your path. Your brain is a sissy; your heart is brave.

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