Ancel Keys: The silent killer

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I am one of the big majority of people who have always correlated body fat with fat in food. I have also been fooled by all the medical recommendations and advertisements that cholesterol and saturated (animal) fat is unhealthy and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol (LDL and triglycerides) and obesity. As our dear old Morpheus begins: “What if I told you…” we are all wrong?

It all began in 1958 when Ancel Keys came with the famous Seven Countries Study. Ancel Keys investigated the cause of the so many deaths of heart disease. His theory was: animal fat. Keys was not even a cardiologist, but still, he was put forward to investigate heart disease.

Keys made a data analysis on 22 countries and found no correlation between dietary fat and cardiovascular disease. He was also ridiculed because of his weak assumptions and reports. So what he did was fake the data. He kept only 7 countries in which there was a correlation between fat intake and heart disease. Furthermore, the correlation was not between animal fat, but between margarine. Yes! These 7 countries had the highest consumption of margarine. That is why the fat - heart correlation existed. Keys knew it, but he kept it hidden. Even in his laboratory experiments on rats, Key used margarine, not animal fat! Why would he do such a thing? Arrogance and money!

Ancel Keys was supported by the margarine and vegetable oil industries. They knew if Keys’ theory succeeded, their production would increase exponentially. People would no longer buy animal products, but substitutes, like vegetable oils, margarine, low-fat/fat-free products, soy, etc. And that is exactly what happened! Margarine, vegetable oils, and packaged ready-to-eat foods are more convenient and cheaper than (non-processed) animal products. As Catherine Shanna states in her book, “Deep nutrition” (see the end of the article): Vegetable oils are the chemicals that preserve a Twinkie for years… vegetable oil is what puts the word “junk” in junk food.

Margarine and processed vegetable oils: Death sentence

Ancel Keys was partially right: Fat does increase risk cardiovascular disease. But not all kinds of fat, only trans fat. Margarine is 48% trans fat! Trans fat is a kind of fat that doesn’t even exist in nature! It is a result of a process called partial hydrogenation, similar to the plastic manufacturing.

Besides margarine, vegetable oils are also high, not in trans fat necessarily, but polyunsaturated fat. These scientific terms may cause confusion, but I will try to keep things simple.

Imagine this: whenever a fat is saturated it means it is stable. Saturation occurs when all the carbon atoms have hydrogen atoms bound to them, hence, are not susceptible to oxydation, ok? Now, the more non-bound carbon atoms fats have, the more unstable they are. Why? Because at each moment oxygen can react with them causing the well known oxidative stress in our body. Thus, polyunsaturated fats are those fats which have two or more (“poly-“) unbound carbon atoms, leaving them extremely unstable and susceptible to oxidation. The other type of fats is monounsaturated fat, which has only one (“mono-“) unbound carbon atoms. Monounsaturated fats are predominant in avocados and olives.

I have I haven’t lost you by know. The bottom line is this: margarine and (processed) vegetable oils are bad, animal fat is good.

I am focusing on processed because cold pressed vegetable oils, which kept hidden from light and heat are not bad. But for a century, we have been using sunflower oil, olive oil, palm oil or any other vegetable oil for cooking, haven’t we? If not, all canned and packed snacks, crackers, biscuits, cereals, fast-foods, restaurant foods, literally, every ready-to-eat product has vegetable oil in its composition, and I assure you that vegetable oil has been exposed to light and heat. Thus, damage to our arteries, organs, heart, brain, DNA,…our whole body actually. And even when vegetable oils are cold pressed, they still may go rancid uuntil consumers reach them. Thus, stick to the plain raw source (sunflower seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, avocados, etc.), not the extracts.

Natural fats = healthy children

For those of you who have been consuming vegetable oils and margarine, directly or indirectly, and still feel fine, keep in mind that you are working with a self-detonating bomb with a clock. At any time, you may have a stroke or heart attack in the future and you won’t know why. If this is not the case, your children will inherit your sick lifestyle. Yes!

Consumption of trans fat and processed vegetable oils impact the development of your child and may cause birth defects, increase the risk of obesity, premature birth, and poor brain development.

Trans fat also damages the DNA, but that is another story.

Also, since 1958, we have increased our intake of synthetic substitutes for animal products, like soy, and sugar intake. Sugar is the twin brother of vegetable oils. As a result, when cardiovascular disease, high blood cholesterol, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and another disease should have gone down, they actually raised.

High animal fat made us who we are

Now, let’s push away all the science and let’s bring common sense among us. Think about this: did our ancestor’s thousands of years ago survive above 100 years on a low animal fat diet? Also, if animal fat and cholesterol were bad, why Icelanders, who eat mostly animal organs, are second place on Eart on longevity?
Our ancestors and our present-day tribes live an animal food based life. They are all hunters and gatherers. Consumption of grains occurred later, mostly after the industrial revolution.

Human beings have the biggest brain in relation to our body among all creatures. Our brain is 70% fat and has evolved on a high fat diet. Thus, it required fat.

Remember this, the food industry and pharmaceutical industry don’t want us to be healthy. They don’t care about us, as Michael Jackson said. All they care about is producing cheap products and selling them to us, no matter what, if they put ur health and life at risk, which they do.

Human beings evolved in nature and that is where we belong. Nature is our friend. The industry is our enemy.

The conclusion of this article is this: Almost, everything we have been taught about food, about health, about fat in the 20th century is wrong. It is opposite to what made us who we are. Everything that is commercialized and cheap is unhealthy.
So, the fat found in (unrefined, unprocessed, natural, and organic) coconut, dairy, eggs, meat, olives, avocados, raw nuts, and seeds is good. Fat found in margarine and processed vegetable oils like sunflower, walnut, safflower, canola, etc., hence, in fast-food, canned food, packaged food (snack, cracker, biscuits, cereal, desserts, etc.) is bad. High consumption of natural fat doesn’t make us fat, doesn’t cause high triglyceride levels, low HDL levels, high blood pressure, heart disease or other medical terms diseases. Processed, hydrogenized, rancid fat and sugar do.

When it comes to food, you should never watch your wallet, because your life depends on it.

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