The healthcare system is a lie

November 28th 2017  |   in Health and fitness   |   4 min. read

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I watched the film “What the health” a few days ago and it blew my mind, both in a good and bad way. I heard about the film on a Shawn Stevenson’s podcast episode in which he also discussed it and debunked some controversies. The most amazing thing revealed in the movie, (spoil alert) is the food industry’s influence on the healthcare system.

If you are planning to watch the film I warn you not to believe everything you hear there. One example is that carbohydrates and sugars don’t cause diabetes, but rather fat and meat. It’s not true. The movie is influenced by vegans so, don’t take everything for granted.

The most outstanding part is that major American health care associations are sponsored by food companies like Cheerios, Danone, Pizza Hut, Subway, Mars, Nestle, KFC, Kellogg’s cereal, and more.

I always knew most healthcare associations are focused on business and the pharmaceutical industry itself is a business and wants people to be less healthy so they constantly consume drugs and supplements - yes, drugs and supplements are not meant to make you healthy - but I have never thought that major sickening food companies sponsor and influence the health recommendations most people receive from their doctors.

This is exactly what happened with the saturated fat and cholesterol recommendations, as I explained in a previous article. Ancel Keys was sponsored by the margarine industry to say that animal fat and cholesterol increases heart disease, which is exactly the opposite. Lipid scientists knew it and still know it, but the average person, who knows almost nothing about human physiology, is the main target of such industries. All you need is a wardrobe, a medical diploma, and a TV invitation to spread a non-sense medical advice, and there you have it. For instance, a big BS I also heard about is “coconut oil has never been healthy”.

Let’s take a moment and think about what we have come to realize. If the food industry influences the public health recommendations, this means that the major advice we receive from doctors regarding nutrition is not meant to support health, but to support companies. To give you an example, the daily serving of grains and milk. If Cheerios, Kellog’s cereal, and Danone are sponsors, of course, the public health recommendations involve consuming more of these companies’ products. It all makes sense, doesn’t it?

Who should we believe?

This is the question. If the medical advice is influenced by the food industries and pharmaceutical industries and is made for the purpose of making money, then whom advice should we consider true? My advice to you dear reader is studying anatomy and physiology, study nutrition, study health generally. Learn how the body works and, most important, understand how your personal body works, because your life depends on it. I have shared with you on my resources page books on health and fitness and I invite you to read. Knowledge is wealth and power.

I am constantly learning about health and self-development because I want to improve myself constantly and with the internet today, and with the massive information, not being able to learn is a lame excuse. You are unable to learn only if you don’t want to.

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