You receive what you are not what you want

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When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

When I was a little boy in primary school and a test was on its way I was always relaxed and smiling. Even if I received a bad grade, I still was trying to focus on being happy. Then, an inner (grown) voice started saying: “Hey Razvan! You just got a bad grade. Why are you smiling?”. Even my friends wondered “How can you smile when you got a bad grade?”. Some of my colleagues even cried.
We are raised with the wrong mindset that something good needs to happen in order to be happy and smile. No, no, no my friend. It is exactly the opposite.

Do you know what defines a successful people? Is the desire to give without asking something back. It is the attitude of being happy, confident, smiling and feeling like a successful person even though it did not happen. The truth is, it did.

The law of attraction

When you change your mindset and your attitude, you change your energetic field. You change your frequency.

You know, there are only two emotions: fear and love. Everything else is just a derivation of the two. Stress, anger, frustration, hatred, sadness are derivations of fear. Happiness, joy, euphoria, enthusiasm are derivations of love. Each of these emotions changes your frequency. When you change your frequency, you resonate with it. Even when you’re overthinking something, like being afraid and always focusing on that, you will attract exactly what you fear.

The mind is everything, what you think you become.


Health doesn’t fall from the sky

If you are sick, it is because you have been living like a sick person, ok? I always wish people health, but I know inside that it is a foolish thing to do. I mean, health doesn’t fall from the sky, you know? I may pray and wish for a chronic smoker and alcoholic to be healthy, but he/she will never be healthy. Why? Obviously, because they are not living healthy.

Polluting your body your entire life and hoping that you won’t be sick is madness for me. You have a bigger chance winning the lottery, in my opinion. No! If you want to be healthy, you have live healthy. You have a healthy mindset, healthy environment, and healthy body promoting habits.

We have come to believe, because of the big corrupted pharmaceutical industry, that disease is inevitable, that we are meant to be sick as we age. Humans are meant to be healthy. Life is focused on evolving, growing, developing beauty. Why in the Universe would life want to be sick and die - the opposite of thriving? The body is constantly healing itself, but we do not let it. We suffocate it with toxins and drugs are one of them.

We still believe the disease is something inevitable so we come with excuses.

“Yeah, why should I sleep well, stay active, eat well and so on. I will get old, sick and die anyway.”

People also say there is no more healthy food in the world. Everything is infested and destroyed. Maybe so, but the worst thing is the attitude. This is an attitude of a frustrated, depressed, and hopeless person. Yes, I know! Peppers, tomatoes, spinach, eggs, milk, meat is no longer what it was, because the soil, water, and air are polluted and nutrient deficient. Even so, focus on THE LEAST TOXIC FOOD. Focus on the best you can.

Small habits have the biggest impact

To come back to successful people, they never focus on the destination. If you instantly decide you want to go to the moon and want to go tomorrow, you are insane and mad. Why? Because your goals are unrealistic. Any big dream requires small steps, persistence, and time. Yes, you can go to the moon. Yes, you can do anything you want, but you can’t do it overnight. The point is, you need to do every day what you can with what you have with no excuses.

Thus, if you have the possibility to choose between supermarket (imported) vegetables and local farmers’ vegetables, choose the local farmer. If you have the possibility to choose between fresh fruits which are in season and a package of Oreos, choose the fruits. If you have the possibility to choose between vegetable oil and coconut oil or grass-fed butter, eliminate the vegetable oil option.

You are your daily habits. And you will see that you will receive what you do every day. You will harvest what you planted.

There is no such thing as bad luck. Again, you don’t get sick by bad luck, by accident. The Universe doesn’t play eeny, meeny, miny, moe and chooses: “Hey, you are healthy, you are not, you are healthy, you are not”!. No! You receive what you are and you are your habits.

This applies to money as well. If you are poor is because you have been thinking like a poor person. If you were born poor, I understand that was not your decision, but it was your decision to not do something about it. There are kids who are born into “wealthy” families, but that should not discourage you and be an excuse.

If you were born with improper genes good news, your genes are dynamic. That means they can be reprogrammed and they do change according to your lifestyle. If you were born sick, it is because your parents and grandparents lived a sickening lifestyle. All you can do is improve your own lifestyle and reverse their damage.

Again, humans are not meant to be sick. The body is always tending towards health. The body is always in the process of healing unless it is prevented by us, by our way of being - living.

Everything happens as a consequence of our actions. It is the law of attraction - Karma. We receive what we put in. We harvest what we planted. It is so simple. Thus, you don’t have to wait for something good to happen to be happy, but you have to be happy for something good to happen.

If you can’t change it, let it go

Be the change you want to see the world. Be the person you want to be. Don’t wish, don’t hope, be! There is only now. It already happened, it just hasn’t manifested yet, because of time. But it already happened, just be persistent.

There are things we cannot change. We cannot change if the neighbor is smoking, we cannot change the sun, we cannot change if the food and air are no longer what it was once. Not immediately and totally at least. What we can change is our response. Crying, cursing, frustrating, stressing will not change anything. Will only make you sicker and more depressed. Stress is response it is your decisions. You can choose to face a difficulty with a smile or with tears.

There are things beyond your control. The only thing to do is accept it and get over it. Focus and the tiny things you can change now. We become what we think.

Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.

Tony Robbins

Life is being a process! Success is being a process! Everything is being, not having!
When we die, everything we have remains here. All that lasts is who we were before we died.

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