FYI: Weight doesn't matter

December 7th 2017  |   in Health and fitness   |   3 min. read

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Are you body weight scale your enemy within? Do you look at it with fear and step on it every single day to check your weight? Today, I am going to take a big weight off your shoulders by telling you that your weight scale is worthless and you can throw it out the window.

We have been fooled (again) and misled by the idea that high body weight is an indicator of obesity ever since the application of the body mass index (BMI). The BMI is a simple equation: weight/(height squared X 703). The more you weigh, the higher the index, the more overweight you are considered to be. This concept is far from the trough. For several reasons:

Thus, weight measurement is inaccurate and the best way to prove my - and others’ - idea is correct is by taking a look at bodybuilders.

Arnold Schwarzenegger during his bodybuilding career had the weight of 260 lbs and height of 6’2”. If we calculate his BMI, that would give us 33.4. That index labels Arnold Schwarzenegger as obese. Was Arnold obese? Of course, he wasn’t!

This applies to all bodybuilders. They all weigh a lot! They even have a bigger weight than the majority of overweight people. Why is that? Because muscle mass is heavier than adipose tissue.

Thus, weight measurement is useless and you should no longer focus on it. What you should do focus on, as the father of fitness Jack LaLanne also said, is your body fat percentage. Your body fat percentage is the only body measurement that matters in the context of health and fitness because it focuses on your waistline. The wider the waist, the higher the body fat. Belly fat is also an indicator of disease. Lean muscle mass (less body fat), on the other hand, is an indicator of health, youth, and longevity.

I haven’t been weighing myself for 10 years. I don’t even know my weight, nor I care about it. I measure my waistline or just look in the mirror.

Here’s a simple trick: look in the mirror and jump up and down a couple of times; the more and easier it flaps, the higher the belly fat.

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