Why holidays have gone wrong

December 24th 2017  |   in Life   |   7 min. read

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It’s Christmas! What a joy… or is it? When I was a little boy I couldn’t wait for holidays to come. No school, presents, right? Growing up, I have started to get in touch more with adults. I realized one thing: what was an excitement for me is a terror for adults.

These days I avoided going to hypermarkets, because I learned from previous holiday experiences, that hypermarkets are chaos during these periods. So, I have decided to go for long walks in nature in exchange. Boy, it is soooo relaxiiiiing! And, isn’t this what holidays are all about? Relaxation, peace, joy, recreation? Why is everybody so stressed? Why is everybody focusing on anything other than their inner selves?

Holiday fasting

This is the biggest bullshit people do today. They don’t consume animal products, but they consume lots and lots of synthetic animal substitutes, especially soy, which is genetically modified (I don’t think your buying raw organic soybeans).
Then, after a month of not consuming animal products, you bombard your body with huge amounts of meat.
Imagine it’s summer and there are 35 degrees Celsius. Now, imagine the next day there is -10 degrees Celsius. How would you feel? How your body is affected by this brief drastic changed? It would be a shock, wouldn’t it? This is the exact same thing happening with your fasting.

The purpose of fasting is elimination of toxic waste products from the body - purification. But what your doing is not purification of the body, but exactly the opposite. Also, you and your “fast” with a big shock for your body and put your digestive system on a hard work.

I practice intermittent fasting every day, by eating only between 08:00 and 16:00. Every single day, not only on holidays or something like that. Thus, my body is accustomed to this and it’s a pleasure for me.

Gifts, food, and cleaning

Everybody is focusing on buying in excess things they don’t need. They work like hell all year so that they spend most of their money on lots of useless stuff during holidays. Why would you do that?
You buy so much (junk) food, you do so much housework, you buy so many presents… why?
You may say, “Because it’s holidays!”. Oh really? And what happened in the history of mankind that is so important? How much time do you spend contemplating on the purpose of holidays. Furthermore, how much time do you spend focusing on your soul?

Today, the focus is on cleaning and decorating the external environment and no longer about cleaning and decorating your inner environment - mind and soul.

Holidays are about spending time with one’s self - contemplation - and one’s loved ones. Is about experiencing, feeling, enjoying, living, being present. It’s everything but buying and stressing.

I like to be constant (in equilibrium) all year long. I don’t care if it’s Christmas, Easter, Sunday, Monday, my birthday, etc. I follow my same (disciplined) routines: I go to bed at 21:00, I wake up at 05:00, I am grateful for being, for who I am, for what I have, I eat naturally (clean), I exercise, I relax, I learn, etc. Briefly, I pursue my journey of self-discovery and self-development no matter what; step by step, every single day.

Two days ago I spoke with my grandmother and it made me sick - literally, I woke up during the night and threw up. I am very sensitive to negative people, and my grandmother is one of them. I always feel sick when I get in contact with negative people and negative energy field in general, even by phone. She was so exhausted, because she worked hard for preparations for holidays. She also said, “Holidays annoy me! I hate holidays”. It made me so sad to hear my own grandmother say something like that. Ho can you say that? This is the day Jesus Christ was born. These are the days when miracles and positive things happened which changed (in a good way) the history of mankind? How can you be so egocentric - disconnected?

You see, I spend holidays alone because I have no one with whom to resonate. But I don’t necessarily mind, you know? Yes, I would love to have someone to spend time with, but I would rather spend time with myself, with my mind and soul in peace, than spending time with sickening people and stressing out for preparations. Not even with my family! My family is chaotic, negativistic, and disconnected! They never understood me nor they tried to. This is the reason I have always wanted to leave and be independent - to no longer connect with them. Ever since I was little, there was a war of interests and hostility (rancor) in my family. It made me sick!

You know what? I am glad my life was the way it was, because it made me who I am today, and I am so proud of me and glad of who I am. I wouldn’t change anything. I am living my dream: being free, doing whatever I want, how I want when I want.

Focus on your mind and soul

This is my message to you. Spending time alone protects you from distractions and interferences. You are only you and your thoughts and feelings. Only when you are alone you begin an inner journey of self-discovery. Only when your alone you know yourself and discover what makes you happy - your purpose.

Don’t be afraid of spending time alone; that means you are afraid of yourself (thoughts and feelings). You don’t have to spend time only alone if you have good relationships which build you and make you happy. Just don’t let yourself fooled!

Yes, loneliness makes you unhealthy, but toxic relationships make you more unhealthy. And FYI, being alone and being lonely are not the same thing.

I wish you all the best in the world, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, health, prosperity, and happiness in the year that’s about to come!

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