How I stopped consuming alcohol, coffee, sugar, and smoking

January 6th 2018  |   in Life   |   5 min. read

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Everything in excess is opposed to nature.


There was a time when I made the worst mistakes of my life. During my last two years of primary school and during high school I cared the least about my health.

Whenever people see me now and I tell them about my past, they don’t believe me. I can’t believe what I was myself.

I am actually glad that I tried all these substances because it helped me distinguish good from bad.

The only thing I didn’t do is consume drugs.

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter the substance or activity you are engaging into; as long as it is reinforcing, rewarding, and you need it in order to feel good, otherwise, you are incapable of sustaining day to day activities, you are addicted, my friend.

You don’t necessarily need to smoke, drink alcohol, or consume drugs to become addicted. You can be addicted to shopping, eating sweets, exercise, a person, coffee, tea, etc. Actually, research shows sugar is more addicting than cocaine.

Nowadays, for instance, people suffer from diabesity because they are addicted to (the wrong) food. They can no longer listen to their body’s inner signals to stop eating and satiety.

Now, it is easy to judge people, you know? But when you are the victim, it’s hard. Many people are unaware or deny their addiction, but others are aware they have a problem, but can’t seem to control themselves. It’s sad…

Forget about “everything in moderation”

My story is interesting and the way I have given up some toxic routines is unconventional. You know how people say: “everything in moderation”? Well, it’s BS! Want to know why?

Because we no longer live in a perfect world like thousands of years ago when the soil, water, air, and food were clean when we were active all day and spent all the time outside in nature.

Today, we have to eliminate as much as we can the toxicants from our lives and, yes, alcohol, cigarettes, and sugar are toxicants. Coffee is actually beneficial if it’s good quality and not overdone — like I did.

Also, what happens is that there never is only one bite. One potato chip today is two potato chips tomorrow, then three, then four,… until it becomes a bag per day.

I know what you’re thinking: What?! No, sugar?! No, cigarettes?! No, alcohol?! What’s left of life then?! Excuse me, but that is the addicted talking, not you!

Yes, I am happy and no, I haven’t given up all pleasures of life. Actually, I haven’t felt better my entire life. I feel free!

Humans learn through trauma

Long story short, I gave up alcohol, smoking, coffee, and sugar by overdoing it:

Now, whenever I feel the scent or taste of them, I feel I am going to be sick.

Believe me, I tried to consume them again, but I couldn’t. I just felt sick only when thinking about them, because those moments in the past (when I threw up) kept coming back to me — trauma.

I don’t know if this is a technique and not advising anybody to do what I did, it’s just that it worked for me without special medication, doctors or anything else. Without even trying. I am just disgusted with them.

I am also afraid of them, because of what they’ve done to me and because they bring damage to my health.

I made a decision: I chose life and health!

What about you? Are your addictions destroying your life?

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