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Adrenal fatigue - The modern ignored epidemic

Having problems waking up in the morning and still feeling tired even after 8-10 hours of sleep? Craving salty foods like potato chips, toasted nuts, spiced fast-foods, and snacks? Feeling tired and lethargic all the time? Do day to day (simple) life activities seem like “Mission Impossible”? Having low sex drive? Have you become anxious, irritable, angry, and respond negatively to nearly everything? Do you rely on alcohol, caffeine, drugs, and smoking to calm down? Having problems with binge or emotional eating? Are you prone to illness, injury, or trauma and recover slowly? Feeling light-headed when standing up quickly? Have you become depressed, pessimistic, and have stopped enjoying life? Have digestive problems like bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, or cramps? Craving chocolate and relying on sugary drinks and sweet processed snacks to keep you going and then crash again? Losing muscle mass or/and gaining fat, especially around your waist? Feeling unfocused, unproductive, and have racing thoughts? Do you frequently forget what you were going to do? Do you notice an increased energy boost in the evening?

The more you know about exercise, the less complicated the equipment you need.
Baked penne bolognese casserole

Duration: 90 mins (30 mins for preparation and 60 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Baking;
Servings: 8 X 450g.


  • 500g sweet peppers (4RON);
  • 1kg tomatoes (6RON);
  • 200g onions (negligible price);
  • 30g garlic (negligible price);
  • 500g mozzarella cheese (15RON);
  • 500g cream cheese (8RON);
  • 500g whole-wheat penne (5RON);
  • 750g canned or fresh mushrooms (5RON);
  • 40g extra-virgin olive oil( negligible price);
  • 1/2tsp dried oregano (negligible price);
  • 1/2tsp dried basil (negligible price);
  • 1-2 bay leaves (negligible price);
  • salt by taste (negligible price);
  • pepper by taste (negligible price).

Cauliflower cheese bars

Duration: 90 mins (30 mins for preparation and 60 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Baking;
Servings: 4 X 850g.


  • 2kg cauliflower (5RON);
  • 8 eggs (8RON);
  • 500g mozzarella cheese (18Ron);
  • 50g nutritional or brewer’s yeast (1RON);
  • 1tbsp chili powder (1RON);
  • 1tbsp garlic powder (1RON);
  • 1tbsp onion powder (1RON);
  • 1tsp black pepper (negligible price);
  • salt by taste (1tsp) (negligible price).

How I stopped consuming alcohol, coffee, sugar, and smoking

Everything in excess is opposed to nature.


There was a time when I made the worst mistakes of my life. During my last two years of primary school and during high school I cared the least about my health.

  • I smoked 10-20 cigarettes per day;
  • I drank weekly - a lot;
  • I drank 4 cups of strong coffee daily;
  • I ate a lot of sugars (sweets, soft drinks, desserts, cereals, fruits, etc.).

Whenever people see me now and I tell them about my past, they don’t believe me. I can’t believe what I was myself.

I am actually glad that I tried all these substances because it helped me distinguish good from bad.

The only thing I didn’t do is consume drugs.

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter the substance or activity you are engaging into; as long as it is reinforcing, rewarding, and you need it in order to feel good, otherwise, you are incapable of sustaining day to day activities, you are addicted, my friend.

Why holidays have gone wrong

It’s Christmas! What a joy… or is it? When I was a little boy I couldn’t wait for holidays to come. No school, presents, right? Growing up, I have started to get in touch more with adults. I realized one thing: what was an excitement for me is a terror for adults.

What's your excuse?

A loss is not a failure until you make an excuse.

Michael Jordan

Every junk food has a healthy homemade substitute

I understand you completely. You love pizza, french fries, cookies, pastries, croissants, cakes, candies, potato chips, biscuits, Oreos, Twinkies, Snickers, Bounties, Mars, Twix, Popcorn, burgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, fish sticks, crackers, chocolate, truffles, ice cream, mousse, and so on and so forth. I loved them too. They taste and smell so damn good, they make you feel so good… they are addicting! They are actually more addicting than drugs and while they are making you feel good in the foreground, they are killing you in the background. Fortunately, for every problem, there is always a solution. The question is: have you the power to accept the solution?

FYI: Exercise is not for weight loss

When people hear the word exercise they automatically think of weight loss. That is the reason why I rarely see skinny people exercise or why people start to exercise when they gain weight (usually after holidays). I can’t blame them, though; I was one of them! I was actually the worst exercise maniac I have ever met in my life. I suffered from exercise bulimia, because of my past trauma being overweight. There was time when I exercised 90 minutes in the morning and then did 3h of power walking (18 km) during the same day. Surprisingly, I found no correlation between increased exercise and weight loss. Au contraire, I actually did gain more body fat and felt terrible. Again, everything in excess is opposed to nature, as our dear Hippocrates said, and exercise done smartly has tremendous benefits for our health, none of which is weight loss.

FYI: Weight doesn't matter

Are you body weight scale your enemy within? Do you look at it with fear and step on it every single day to check your weight? Today, I am going to take a big weight off your shoulders by telling you that your weight scale is worthless and you can throw it out the window.

What to eat? The war on fat, protein, and carbs

For a century we have been bombarded with diets and ideas focusing on these three macronutrients and putting the blame on one of them for our unhealthiness. Also, we - average people - have become confused, because every diet or advice saying: “people should eat low-fat and high-carb because of this and that” or “people should eat low-carb and high-protein because of this and that” has scientific research to back it up. So, who the fork is right and who is wrong?

You are your microbiota

All disease begins in the gut.


We all the know this famous quote of our great father of medicine and for centuries we have been presuming he meant nutrition is the key to health. Well, it is, but the story behind this quote is more profound you might expect. What Hippocrates referred was not necessarily what we put in our gut, but what already exists there: bacteria.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
You receive what you are not what you want

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

When I was a little boy in primary school and a test was on its way I was always relaxed and smiling. Even if I received a bad grade, I still was trying to focus on being happy. Then, an inner (grown) voice started saying: “Hey Razvan! You just got a bad grade. Why are you smiling?”. Even my friends wondered “How can you smile when you got a bad grade?”. Some of my colleagues even cried.
We are raised with the wrong mindset that something good needs to happen in order to be happy and smile. No, no, no my friend. It is exactly the opposite.

The best exercise for humans

I was listening to the latest episode of the Model Health Show and I was inspired to write this article, surprisingly, about my favorite and basic exercise I do every single day. I felt the psychological and physical benefits of eating, but now I also know the science behind it; a bigger reason to keep on doing it. I am talking about the exercise humans have evolved doing it. The exercise humans are aerodynamically developed to perform regularly.

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.
The healthcare system is a lie

I watched the film “What the health” a few days ago and it blew my mind, both in a good and bad way. I heard about the film on a Shawn Stevenson’s podcast episode in which he also discussed it and debunked some controversies. The most amazing thing revealed in the movie, (spoil alert)

Ancel Keys: The silent killer

I am one of the big majority of people who have always correlated body fat with fat in food. I have also been fooled by all the medical recommendations and advertisements that cholesterol and saturated (animal) fat is unhealthy and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol (LDL and triglycerides) and obesity. As our dear old Morpheus begins: “What if I told you…” we are all wrong?

(Non)Beef pea stew

Duration: 90 mins (30 mins for preparation and 60 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Stewing;
Servings: 7 X 800g.


  • 2kg frozen green peas (20RON);
  • 500g carrots (1RON);
  • 300g onions (1RON);
  • 1kg fresh tuna steak (50RON);
  • 500g tomato paste (5RON);
  • 1L water (negligible price);
  • 10g of butter (negligible price);
  • 10g fresh or dried parsley (1RON);
  • salt by taste (1tbsp) (negligible price);
  • pepper by taste (1tbsp);
  • (optional) 1tbsp paprika (negligible price).

Gluten-free spinach cheese pizza

Duration: 75 mins (30 mins for preparation and 45 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Baking;
Servings: 6 X 550g.


  • 400g chickpea flour (5RON);
  • 300ml warm water (negligible price);
  • 450g goat cheese or cow chese (15 RON);
  • 1kg chopped spinach (10RON);
  • 400g tomatoes (3RON);
  • 8 eggs (8RON);
  • 30g extra-virgin olive oil (negligible price);
  • salt by taste (1tbsp) (negligible price);
  • pepper by taste (1tbsp) (negligible price);
  • (optional) 1tsp smoked paprika (negligible price).

Cabbage fish stew

Duration: 90 mins (30 mins for preparation and 60 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Stewing;
Servings: 7 X 650g.


  • 1L water (negligable price);
  • 500g carrots (1RON);
  • 1.5kg cabbage (2RON);
  • 300g onions (1RON);
  • 1kg wild carp (35RON);
  • 500g tomatoes (3RON);
  • 20g butter (negligable price);
  • 1tbsp dill (1RON);
  • 1tbsp parsley (1RON);
  • 2 bay leaves (negligable price);
  • 1tsp thyme (negligable price);
  • salt by taste (1tbsp) (negligible price);
  • pepper by taste (1tbsp) (negligible price);
  • (optional) 1tsp smoked paprika (negligible price).

Your life, your rules

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I…I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

The true reason you get sick in winter

When we were children, we were taught that during winter and cold periods we catch colds, flu, infections, and so on, because of decreased temperature. This knowledge remains and we continue to spread it within our relationships. Is this actually true?

Peanut butter chocolate cheesecake

Duration: 75 mins (45 mins for preparation and 30 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Baking;
Servings: 8 X 430g.


  • 6 eggs (5RON);
  • 1kg cream cheese (15RON);
  • 400g oat bran or oats (4RON);
  • 300g peanut butter (13RON);
  • 100g carob powder or cacao pawder (5RON);
  • 1kg bananas (4RON);
  • 100g brown sugar (1RON);
  • 1tsp cinnamon (negligible price);
  • 500ml water (negligible price);
  • 30ml vanilla extract (3RON);

Designed to move: Why sitting is killing us?

To wild animals, movement is not a chore, not a temporary punishment for being physically lazy and out of shape, not an optional activity just for better looks.

Erwan Le Corre

Today, we are living a lifestyle which encourages sitting due to the majorities of office jobs and driving jobs. Despite the fact that we are spending more time in “boxes”, especially during cold seasons, sitting (too much) is destroying our health. If this doesn’t scare you, then this will definitely do: sitting makes you fat.

Building a cross-platform full authentication system with Ionic 3 and Firebase

Many developers run away from ECMAScript - a.k.a. JavaScript - but I have been loving it from the first sight. As I have been studying it I discovered more and more features and API’s which give me full potential of building any kind of software application. I really don’t see the need of knowing other languages. I believe the major reasons for why I enjoy coding in ECMAScript are:

  • Simplicity;
  • Freedom.

All I need is a file, a text editor, and a browser, and BOOM! It’s alive! I don’t need all the clutter Java and C++ need. I also believe that nowadays you can’t learn something - especially code - only if you don’t want to with all the resources online.

Nevertheless, this post will give you a little taste of the power of ECMAScript 2017, Ionic Framework, and Firebase framework.

Homemade cottage cheese

Duration: 120 mins (120 mins for preparation and 0 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Raw;
Servings: 5 X 100g.


Cheetos bars

Duration: 150 mins (30 mins for preparation and 120 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Raw;
Servings: 5 X 250g.


  • 500g chickpeas/garbanzo beans (7RON);
  • 200g brewer’s yeast or nutritional yeast (15RON);
  • 50g garlic powder (3RON);
  • 50g onion powder (3RON);
  • 1tbsp olive oil (negligible price);

Oven baked mackerel

Duration: 105 mins (60 mins for preparation and 45 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Baking;
Servings: 7 X 470g.


  • 6 whole Atlantic mackerels (35RON);
  • 1000g red potates (1RON);
  • 500g carrots (1RON);
  • 500g celery (2RON);
  • 2tbsps fish spices and seasonig (1RON).

One man's food is another man's poison
Chocolate banana pudding

Duration: 10 mins (10 mins for preparation and 0 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Raw;
Servings: 1 X 640g.


Broccoli cheese bake

Duration: 120 mins (60 mins for preparation and 60 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Baking;
Servings: 6 X 643g.


  • 2500g broccoli florets (30RON);
  • 10 eggs (8RON);
  • 500g cottage cheese (8RON);
  • 500g mozzarella cheese (13RON);
  • (optional) 1tbsp garlic powder (1RON);
  • (optional) 1tbsp onion powder (1RON);
  • salt by taste (2tsp) (negligible price);
  • pepper by taste (1tsp) (negligible price).

You attract what you are not what you want
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it
Sheppard's pie

Duration: 240 mins (60 mins for preparation and 60 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Baking;
Servings: 8 X 480g.


  • 1500g whole lamb, beef, or pork (30RON);
  • 1000g potatoes (2RON);
  • 500g carrots (1RON);
  • 500g summer squash (2RON);
  • 300g mozzarella cheese (8RON);
  • 10g parsley (1RON);
  • salt by taste (1tbsp) (negligible price);
  • pepper by taste (1tsp) (negligible price).

Morning apple pudding

Duration: 15 mins (15 mins for preparation and 0 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Raw;
Servings: 4 X 728g.


  • 2000g apples (6 RON);
  • 300g organic hemp protein powder (22RON);
  • 6 eggs (5RON);
  • 300ml plain yogurt (1RON);
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon (1RON).

Creamy spinach

Duration: 75 mins (15 mins for preparation and 60 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Stewing;
Servings: 7 X 492g.


  • 2000g frozen chopped spinach (20RON);
  • 300g onions (1RON);
  • 100g garlic (2RON);
  • 500g cream cheese or cottage cheese (7RON);
  • 500g chickpea flour, pasta, or any gluten-free pasta or flour (8RON);
  • 30g coconut oil, butter, or ghee (negligible price);
  • 1tsp basil (negligible price);
  • 2 bay leaves (negligible price);
  • salt by taste (1tbsp) (negligible price);
  • pepper by taste (1tsp) (negligible price).

Chicken stew

Duration: 240 mins (60 mins for preparation and 180 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Stewing;
Servings: 10 X 480g.


  • 2000g chicken with meat, skin, and bones (40RON);
  • 1000g cream cheese (15RON);
  • 500g tomatoes (2 RON);
  • 500g peppers (2RON);
  • 300g onions (1RON);
  • 2-3 gloves or 1tsp garlic powder (1 RON);
  • 10g fresh or dried parsley (1RON);
  • 10g fresh or dried lovage (1RON);
  • 10g fresh or dried dill (1RON);
  • 2-3 bay leaves (negligible price);
  • salt by taste (1tbsp) (negligible price);
  • pepper by taste (1tbsp) (negligible price);
  • (optional) 1tsp smoked paprika (negligible price).

When you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t.
We fall in love by chance and stay in love by choice
Spirulina avocado pudding

Duration: 10 mins (10 mins for preparation and 0 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Raw;
Servings: 2 X 300g.


  • 100g organic spirulina powder (15RON);
  • 1 avocado (5RON);
  • 300ml whole milk yogurt (1RON).

Grain-free tuna pizza

Duration: 120 mins (60 mins for preparation and 60 mins for cooking);
Cooking method: Baking;
Servings: 7 X 388g.


  • 500g chickpea flour (8RON);
  • 250ml hot water (negligible price);
  • 650g tuna fish canned in water (25RON);
  • 500g tomatoes (2RON);
  • 500g peppers (2RON);
  • 50ml extra-virgin olive oil (2RON);
  • 5g oregano (negligible price);
  • (optional) 5g salt (negligible price);
  • (optional) 5g black pepper (negligible price).

Appreciate what you have

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

Denis Waitley

The universal secret ingredient all healthy and delicious recipes need

Why does grandma’s recipes taste so damn good?

If you are one of the children who spent their entire summers together with their grandparents, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Just because my path is different doesn't mean I'm lost
I am not who you think I am; I am not who I think I am; I am who I think you think I am.
Let go, forgive, and be free

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

Lao Tzu

I was watching an episode of The Flash, in which Berry Allan had to accept his mother’s death in order to be free, and I got really inspired. He kept saying that his mother’s death was the reason we has running, but it was actually the reason he was not running fast enough. In order to become his best version of himself

Ignore the naysayers

If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.

Malcolm X

I know you’re afraid. I know your pain. I know your sadness. I know your disappointment. I know your anger. I have them too. You have an idea or more ideas, but don’t have the courage to pursue them. You probably told your friends what you want to do or your ideas and they laughed at you. So what?

Creamy mushroom fish stew

Duration: 150 minutes (60 for preparation and 90 for cooking);
Cooking method: Stewing;
Servings: 8 X 500g.


  • 500g mushrooms (4RON);
  • 1000g wild caught freshwater fish (carp, trout, etc.) (24RON);
  • 500g cream cheese (8RON);
  • 500g cream (8RON);
  • 500g peppers (2RON);
  • 500g tomatoes (2RON);
  • 300g onions (1RON);
  • 100g garlic cloves (2RON);
  • 15g parsley (1RON);
  • 15g dill weed (1RON);
  • 15g lovage (1RON);
  • 2-3 bay leaves;
  • 50g coconut oil, butter, or ghee (1RON);
  • salt by taste (1tbsp) (negligible price);
  • pepper by taste (1tbsp) (negligible price).

Cheesy corny bake

Duration: 75 minutes (30 for preparation and 45 for cooking);
Cooking method: Baking;
Servings: 6 X 500g.


  • 300g corn flakes (4RON);
  • 500g cottage cheese (8RON);
  • 500g mozzarella, ricotta cheese, telemea cheese, caș, burduf cheese, or any cheese you like (12RON);
  • 10 eggs (8RON);
  • 500g tomatoes (2RON);
  • 500g peppers (2RON);
  • salt by taste (2tsp) (negligible price);
  • pepper by taste (1tsp) (negligible price).

Do you believe in destiny?

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have seen so many movies and cartoons with characters who lived average lives until out of the sudden some ancient guru or messenger appeared and revealed a prophecy in which they would be heroes and save the world of some chaos. In other words, their destiny was to be grater than average. So many ideas and fictions about destiny made me wonder… is destiny a fact or a fiction?

Trust yourself no matter what anyone else thinks

The Man who says he can, and the man who says he can not.. Are both correct


There are so many things I would have done in the past and which I would still do, but I was afraid to do it. I was afraid aboout what others might think of me. I was paralyzed by the fear of failure. I did not trust myself enough and still don’t and this is the biggest sin one could ever commit. You know why?

What is food and why do we eat?

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


We are all aware of the importance of nutrition in our life in order to maintain health. Actually, nutrition is one of the most important, more important than exercise, and nutrition is accomplished most of all through eating food. Thus, food should, by definition, provide nutrition to our body and eating should be the process of offering food to our body. But do these definitions apply to the so called “food” that we so called “eat” today?

Be the star of your own movie

All things splendid have been achieved by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.

Bruce Barton

When we are children, we see ourselves as superheros from comic books and cartoons. I enjoyed imagining myself as Batman and Spider-Man. I also wished I could fly or have superpowers like those from X-Men. I don’t know if kids nowadays still play like this, but I know this is what made me dream. Me, seeing myself as something greater, bigger, stronger, is what gave me energy.

I remembered I used to look up in the sky an imagine myself being anything. This started to fall apart though as I grew up and as teachers and adults have been started to tell me that I can’t be whatever I want. I have to go to school, go to college, get a degree, get a job, start a family, and, eventually, die.