Photo by Ben Kolde
Building a cross-platform full authentication system with Ionic 3 and Firebase

Many developers run away from ECMAScript - a.k.a. JavaScript - but I have been loving it from the first sight. As I have been studying it I discovered more and more features and API’s which give me full potential of building any kind of software application. I really don’t see the need of knowing other languages. I believe the major reasons for why I enjoy coding in ECMAScript are:

  • Simplicity;
  • Freedom.

All I need is a file, a text editor, and a browser, and BOOM! It’s alive! I don’t need all the clutter Java and C++ need. I also believe that nowadays you can’t learn something - especially code - only if you don’t want to with all the resources online.

Nevertheless, this post will give you a little taste of the power of ECMAScript 2017, Ionic Framework, and Firebase framework.